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Philosophers On The Syrian Refugees

The Syrian refugee crisis has been the subject of widespread debate, with political rhetoric escalating in recent weeks since the Paris attacks. What would a more careful conversation about the issues look like? To find out, I asked philosophers and political theorists to contribute some brief remarks on the crisis to an installment in the “Philosophers On” series. These are not comprehensive statements, but rather focused thoughts on specific issues, meant to prompt further discussion. Contributing are: Max G. Cherem (Kalamazoo College) — Understanding the Structural Issues Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona) — Morality Is not Risk Free Elizabeth Cohen (Syracuse University) — If not Idealism,..

Source: Philosophers On The Syrian Refugees

More Universities Move To Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns : NPR

More colleges are expanding gender options for transgender and non-binary students. One leader in LGBTQ student life at Harvard discusses the update to the college’s applications.

Source: More Universities Move To Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns : NPR

Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Among Hundreds to Urge Ban on Military Robots

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Researchers and experts urged a worldwide ban on so-called autonomous weapons, saying they could set off a revolution in weaponry comparable to gunpowder and nuclear arms.


The Chief Justice’s Gay Marriage Dissent Is Heartless

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Richard A. Posner,  judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, and a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School (and pragmatist) writes:

It was no surprise that the Supreme Court held Friday that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. It is very difficult to distinguish the case from Loving v. Virginia, which in 1967 invalidated state laws forbidding miscegenation.



Vatican says Ireland gay marriage vote is ‘defeat for humanity’

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While the results were celebrated by advocates of gay rights in Ireland and around the world, it was also seen as a stark symbol of how wide the chasm has grown between young people in what has traditionally been a staunchly Catholic country and the church itself, which says that homosexual acts are a sin and vehemently opposes gay marriage.

Parolin’s comments are sure to revive the debate about the church’s attitude to gay rights and equality under the papacy of Pope Francis, who once famously said “who am I to judge?” when asked about the existence of a “gay lobby” within theVatican. That remark spurred hope among progressive Catholics that the church was entering a new era of tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality.

French Muslims Say Veil Bans Give Cover to Bias

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But critics say these efforts, rather than promoting a sense of secular inclusion, have encouraged rampant discrimination against Muslims in general and veiled women in particular. The result has been to fuel a sense among many Muslims that France — which celebrates Christian holidays in public schools — is engaging in a form of state racism.